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Note: I don’t use either Apple nor Microsoft Products – I use my lovely Linux!

IPhone is just a great piece, but I came across this movie that shows how Microsoft would redesign (or marketing) IPhone – well, IPhone should have such way of marketing ­čÖé


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getting apt workig with Ubuntu

by the principal of knowledge sharing, I wish this would save someone’s time.

I installed ubuntu and tried installing some packages, then I got: please insert cdrom …. bla bla. while I want apt to look on the remote servers!

well, to solve the problem: go to /etc/apt/sources.list and comment the line talking about cdrom.

That is it!

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Reading .. Grails

Grails is an open source MVC and full-stack framework, and uses Groovy for views – you have Rails capabilities with Java’s Taste and Capabilities.

super-productivity┬á – what a framework!

I am now reading Getting Started with Grails, and will be writing some useful, real-world tutorials soon.

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Good Bye Passwords is the Best describes Vidoop, it’s an OpenID like mechanism that enables decentralized SSO but with no password, well, your password is a 3-5 images that are attached to categories where it’s almost impossible for computers to hack your password – so far, at least – since it needs a human setting at your computer – watching you – or an AI program that can analyze your selection.This is really Rings the Bell for standards where community should be working due. I wish Big web players (Google, yahoo, etc .. ) is considering such services for their widely used services.

Give it a try Here.

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I came across an article that talks about hair-blondness in Europe, and according to the Rule that Blonds have less Brain – I am keeping my opinion apart from the Rule – here is the Picture, then you can judge Europe yourself!

Blond Hair Map

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Last Night was really a mix of mad, I returned home at 7, got a call from a friend at 7:10 that guys are at his home! well, we have a bunch of movies, yeah, comedy, action, and somewhat horror; a bit old, but we are all busy.

we started watching and end up at 3:00 after mid night … I am feeling a bit tired this day.

yes, forgot to tell that we were watching – in order – :

  • Running scare: good and I felt respectful by the author and the Director of the movie, why? it’s a kind of movie that you watch it step by step to get the idea, and every sign (that is really rational to happen) has role in the movie. I really got enjoyed.
  • A comedy Movie: we laugh alot!
  • Final Destination 3: Not bad though I don’t like such a movie type – BTW; I am watching it for the 1000th time – No Strong Idea – we all know there something called death, and we don’t know how, when and where we gonna die, and Thanks God – that is better we don’t know – so, we can continue our lives and leave the life continue the way it should!

we loved to see Hills have eyes, but the DVD got corrupted, uhu … catch you next time.

That is my last night events ­čśŤ and I am feeling sleepy this day. wish to complete my working day without someone got to wake me up.

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Today I installed Netbeans 6 and my first Impression is Wow! I will be posting in-depth look at netbeans-6.0 later.

but, what is new on netbeans-6.0?

Editor Improvements

  • Smarter code completion
  • Highlights
  • Better Navigation and Inspection
  • Live Templates and Surround Functionality

Ruby/JRuby/Ruby on Rails Support

  • Project support including Gems and RSpec
  • Advanced Ruby Editing
  • ActiveRecord Code Completion
  • Ruby Debugger
  • Ruby on Rails Support


  • Profiler integrated into NetBeans IDE
  • Compare Memory Snapshots
  • Heap Walker
  • JMeter Integration
  • Dynamic Attach on JDK 1.6

Web and Java EE

  • Built-in visual design for web applications
  • Visual page flow editing
  • Enhanced JavaScript support
  • Enhanced web services support
  • Support for Ajax-enabled JavaServer Faces components


  • New Integrated UI for CLDC/MIDP and CDC development
  • New game builder
  • New Visual Mobile Designer
  • Re-written JSR-172 stub compiler


  • Artifacts for service composition and assembly
  • Graphical WSDL editor
  • XSLT editor to edit transformations.
  • Tooling support for binding components
  • Java EE Web Service project support

Check out NetBeans 6.0 Released with Support for Ruby, Mobility Enhancemens, and Integrated Profiles

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