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Note: I don’t use either Apple nor Microsoft Products – I use my lovely Linux!

IPhone is just a great piece, but I came across this movie that shows how Microsoft would redesign (or marketing) IPhone – well, IPhone should have such way of marketing 🙂


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I came across an article that talks about hair-blondness in Europe, and according to the Rule that Blonds have less Brain – I am keeping my opinion apart from the Rule – here is the Picture, then you can judge Europe yourself!

Blond Hair Map

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Last Night was really a mix of mad, I returned home at 7, got a call from a friend at 7:10 that guys are at his home! well, we have a bunch of movies, yeah, comedy, action, and somewhat horror; a bit old, but we are all busy.

we started watching and end up at 3:00 after mid night … I am feeling a bit tired this day.

yes, forgot to tell that we were watching – in order – :

  • Running scare: good and I felt respectful by the author and the Director of the movie, why? it’s a kind of movie that you watch it step by step to get the idea, and every sign (that is really rational to happen) has role in the movie. I really got enjoyed.
  • A comedy Movie: we laugh alot!
  • Final Destination 3: Not bad though I don’t like such a movie type – BTW; I am watching it for the 1000th time – No Strong Idea – we all know there something called death, and we don’t know how, when and where we gonna die, and Thanks God – that is better we don’t know – so, we can continue our lives and leave the life continue the way it should!

we loved to see Hills have eyes, but the DVD got corrupted, uhu … catch you next time.

That is my last night events 😛 and I am feeling sleepy this day. wish to complete my working day without someone got to wake me up.

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how would you like your morning coffee?

well, that is not about Coffee itself, but about things you do everyday, esp.Programmer 😛 – it means – for those who did not got it yet: how many websites, email, bug tracking systems, …. etc you open up every morning? yeah, I know: Much!

you can get Organized by Mozilla FireFox Addon Morning Coffee


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Resident Evil

I saw people watch what ever movie they got in hand, why the hell is that?

I believe that everyone of us (human beings) should have a schema for everything, the way he talk, wear, etc .. and things he/she eat, drink, watch, .. etc …. people he likes and dislikes …. in short: have your own identity!

well, I watched resident evil part 3 – extinction – recently; I believe this will not happen – at least at this life 😛 though still, the movie is Very Interesting, exciting and entertainment is up to full. I encourage everybody to watch it.

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