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following is a JavaScript code snippet using Powerful JQuery library for dealing with select HTML tag (which is – by the way – pain to deal with core javascript language).

the html code


<select id=”my-ml-list” name=”my-ml-list”>

<option value=”java”>XML</option>

<option value=”java”>HTML</option>

<option value=”java”>XHTML</option>

<option value=”java”>HAML</option>

<option value=”java”>YAML</option>

<option value=”java”>YASL</option>



what can jquery do for you with this list, some is follow:

iterate on all elements

<script language=”javascript”>

$(“my-ml-list option”).each (

function () {

// this object is the current option HTML object.

alert(“current option value is: ” + this.value); // show message of it’s value.





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Today I installed Netbeans 6 and my first Impression is Wow! I will be posting in-depth look at netbeans-6.0 later.

but, what is new on netbeans-6.0?

Editor Improvements

  • Smarter code completion
  • Highlights
  • Better Navigation and Inspection
  • Live Templates and Surround Functionality

Ruby/JRuby/Ruby on Rails Support

  • Project support including Gems and RSpec
  • Advanced Ruby Editing
  • ActiveRecord Code Completion
  • Ruby Debugger
  • Ruby on Rails Support


  • Profiler integrated into NetBeans IDE
  • Compare Memory Snapshots
  • Heap Walker
  • JMeter Integration
  • Dynamic Attach on JDK 1.6

Web and Java EE

  • Built-in visual design for web applications
  • Visual page flow editing
  • Enhanced JavaScript support
  • Enhanced web services support
  • Support for Ajax-enabled JavaServer Faces components


  • New Integrated UI for CLDC/MIDP and CDC development
  • New game builder
  • New Visual Mobile Designer
  • Re-written JSR-172 stub compiler


  • Artifacts for service composition and assembly
  • Graphical WSDL editor
  • XSLT editor to edit transformations.
  • Tooling support for binding components
  • Java EE Web Service project support

Check out NetBeans 6.0 Released with Support for Ruby, Mobility Enhancemens, and Integrated Profiles

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