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lately I was working with open flash chart (OFC 1.x) to add some sexy statistics showings. it’s really cool tool and easy to work with.

the charts was set right in, and everything is good, when moved to HTTPS domain it crashed on IE (6 and 7).

after a few minutes googling I found the solution that you need to add two response headers for IE to show the chart.

in JSP

response.addHeader(“Cache-Control”,”cache, must-revalidate”);

here is the forum I benefit from: http://forums.codecharge.com/posts.php?post_id=97771



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Today I installed Netbeans 6 and my first Impression is Wow! I will be posting in-depth look at netbeans-6.0 later.

but, what is new on netbeans-6.0?

Editor Improvements

  • Smarter code completion
  • Highlights
  • Better Navigation and Inspection
  • Live Templates and Surround Functionality

Ruby/JRuby/Ruby on Rails Support

  • Project support including Gems and RSpec
  • Advanced Ruby Editing
  • ActiveRecord Code Completion
  • Ruby Debugger
  • Ruby on Rails Support


  • Profiler integrated into NetBeans IDE
  • Compare Memory Snapshots
  • Heap Walker
  • JMeter Integration
  • Dynamic Attach on JDK 1.6

Web and Java EE

  • Built-in visual design for web applications
  • Visual page flow editing
  • Enhanced JavaScript support
  • Enhanced web services support
  • Support for Ajax-enabled JavaServer Faces components


  • New Integrated UI for CLDC/MIDP and CDC development
  • New game builder
  • New Visual Mobile Designer
  • Re-written JSR-172 stub compiler


  • Artifacts for service composition and assembly
  • Graphical WSDL editor
  • XSLT editor to edit transformations.
  • Tooling support for binding components
  • Java EE Web Service project support

Check out NetBeans 6.0 Released with Support for Ruby, Mobility Enhancemens, and Integrated Profiles

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